Build an Addition to My Home


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All additions to your home require permits from both the Oregon City Planning and Building Divisions, and often review from Public Works, as well. The permit process ensures that the addition is safe, complies with setbacks, easements, and zoning codes, and is not harmful to utility lines or public infrastructure.

Application Review Criteria

The Planning Division reviews Home Addition applications for compliance with Oregon City Municipal Code. Generally speaking, the following chapters of the code are directly applicable to home additions:

  • The property's underlying zone
  • OCMC 17.14 - Single-Family Detached and Duplex Residential Design Standards
  • OCMC 17.54 - Supplemental Zoning Regulations and Exceptions

However, different homes and properties have different characteristics, configurations, and dimensions. Depending on the circumstances, a Home Addition application might involve more review if the project requires a Variance or is located in:

For significant additions to designated Historic structures, or additions to homes within a Historic District, see the Historic Review Resources page for more information.

Find Out More About Your Property

The City's website has a variety of resources available including Property Reports and OCWebMaps, our online mapping system. You may also email the Planning Division or call 503-722-3789 for more information.

How to Apply

You can find and fill out the Home Addition application packet (PDF). Planning Review is typically done when an applicant files for a building permit, unless additional review (as outlined above) is required.

So once you fill out the application packet, you can submit it with your Building Permit application and required materials by emailing it to Permits. You can contact the Building Division with questions about filing for a building permit via email or by calling 503-722-3789, as well.

Planning Review Fees

Once we receive an Accessory Structure application, Planning Division staff must take time to review it to ensure the project complies with all relevant codes. The fees we charge are related to the time and effort typically required to review your project.

You can view our Planning Review of a Building Permit Fee, and all other potential review processes that may affect such a project, on our Planning Fee Schedule.

Got Questions?

Feel free to call 503-722-3789 or email the Planning Department with any Planning questions. You may also email the Building Department or email Public Works.