Truck Routes

Trucks, acting as commercial vehicles as defined in Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) 17.04, are not allowed to use City roads without a permit unless that road has been deemed acceptable by the Overweight and Overdimensional Policy. Most commonly, trucks which are traveling through Oregon City will use Highway 213, Oregon 99E, and Interstate 205. These roads are operated and maintained by the State of Oregon. More information can be found at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Oregon Trucking Online page.

Some trucks may find the need to travel on Beavercreek Road. This road is operated and maintained by Clackamas County east of Highway 213. More information can be found at the Clackamas County Commercial Vehicle Permits page.

For any trucks desiring to travel on City roads, contact Public Works at 971-204-4601.

Certain roads have height and weight restrictions.

Trucks are able to travel on the following roads in Oregon City without a permit:

  • Beavercreek Road from Hwy. 213 to Warner Milne Avenue
  • Molalla Avenue from Hwy. 213 to Warner Milne Avenue
  • Washington Street from Abernethy Road to Hwy. 213
  • Abernethy Road from Washington Street to Hwy. 213
  • Agnes Avenue
  • Meyers Road from Beavercreek Road to the west entrance of the Winco shopping center