13014 Clackamas River Drive

(Previously 16038 Depot Lane) JOHN STRAIGHT HOUSE c.1890 -- Statement of Significance: John Straight is believed to be the original owner of the subject property, which he purchased in 1892 from Hiram A. Straight et. al. According to deeds filed at the county courthouse, John Straight owned through the historic period, selling it in 1940 to Clara Praeger. She sold it to Roy O. and Vona Faye Park in 1943. The Straight family has made a substantial contribution to the history of Clackamas County and Oregon City. The house is a good example of the Vernacular style. It is composed of several perpendicular volumes covered with wide, dropped siding and finished with rake boards and corner boards with caps. According to the current owner, the house was over 100 years old in 1952. Insufficient architectural or historical documentation is available at this time to verify this fact. The siding material of the subject building was not generally available until the 1860s, however, many houses in Clackamas County are known to have been resided. Caps on corner boards is a practice that was popular in the 1860s and 1870s, but it also continued until the turn of the century. The window type is another evidence of a building's age. Here, the windows are a one-over-one variety of the double-hung sash type. Typically, this type was used after 1885, when large pieces of glass were available. The arrangement of windows is often another clue used to date a house. The pairing of windows was extremely common in the 1890s and first decade of the 20th century in the Oregon City vicinity. Analysis of the method of construction and building materials may substantiate a more exact date. The house has had some alterations. Most are minor, considering the age of the building. The front porch has been enclosed and a door has been covered with siding. A breezeway has been constructed between the house and the milk room. The milk room is located to the northeast of the house. It is a hip roof building, resting on a brick foundation. The building is the only remaining outbuilding of a farm complex. Landscaping features, including camellias, roses, and mature nut trees, contribute to the historic character of the dwelling. The Straight family cemetery is also located on this property. It is south of the subject house near Clackamas River Drive.

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