13285 Clackamas River Drive

ALBERT F. FISHER HOUSE c.1921 -- Statement of Significance: Albert Fisher is believed to be the original owner and builder of the subject property, which he purchased in 1917. His widow Flora owned through the historic period, selling it in 1945. The house is an excellent example of the Bungalow style. Fisher is also attributed with the design and construction of the smaller Bungalow, which is adjacent to the west. The subject house is a large one-and-one-half story volume which overlooks the Clackamas River. The house has the form and massing, as well as many features, commonly associated with the Bungalow style. The broad gable roof extends over the commodious front porch, which is supported by stout posts which rest on brick piers. Dormers pierce the roof slopes and a sleeping porch - now enclosed - underscored the Bungalow philosophy regarding natural light and ventilation, and the healthful effects therein. Other salient elements include exposed rafters, purlins and braces, decorative muntins, and the rectangular window bays on both side elevations. Alterations include the replacement of a window on the west (s9de) eleveation, the addition of skylights and the addition or replacement of windows on the sleeping porch. Fiberglass panels have also been added to the west side entrance. Landscape features, including mature deciduous trees and ornamental shrubbery -- such as laurel, escallonia and rhododendron -- as well as mature fruit trees, contribute to the historic character of the dwelling.

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