Wetland Information


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In 1999, the city conducted a local wetland inventory to delineate known water resource and wetland area within the city Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). This inventory provided the basis for mapping and protection of wetlands within the city. Note: the map 1999 inventory map is for planning purposes and may not indicate the true location of water resources and/or wetland on a specific property.

You can download a copy of the 1999 local wetland inventory maps (PDF) (note: this is a large file - 11.5 mb).

Property owners that are proposing development in Oregon City must therefore verify on-site the location of water resources and wetlands when they apply for permit approval. In some cases, the city is able to verify the presence or absence of a water feature fairly easily based on existing maps and information. In other cases, the developer needs to hire a wetland consultant such as a biologist, hydrologist or similarly qualified specialist to identify and sample the extent and condition of the feature on the site.

The procedures for this are in OCMC 17.49.

The Oregon Department of State Lands provides information on how to hire and use a wetlands consultant.