913 4th Avenue - Demolished

WILLIAM & NARCISSA BOWERS RESIDENCE c.1923 -- Statement of Significance: William Bowers, who was born in New York in 1838, was a day laborer. His second wife, Narcissa, was born in Oregon in 1856. They owned the house in the 1890s. Narcissa was formerly married to Wiley May (his second wife) (507 3rd Avenue). Later, Mr. and Mrs. Balcom, parents of Louisa Balcom Freeman (214, 216 Jerome Street) lived in this house (c.1915-1925). Mrs. Balcom was killed in an accident in the steam room at Hawley Pulp and Paper Company. The structure is significant for its age. Unfortunately, much architectural detailing has been removed, and the house is in poor condition. In the Canemah NR District, the house is classified as a Secondary structure.