City Programs Enhanced by Oregon City Women's Club Donations

Oregon City Women's Club distributed $7,000 to 16 organizations of which Oregon City's Library, Police Department, and Pioneer Center were recipients.

During 2017, the Women's Club raised funds through their annual auction, and by working at the Oregon State Fair and the First City Celebration in Oregon City.

City Departments were honored to be recipients of these funds. The Library plans to use funds to purchase a portable magnifying glass that can be checked out by people with vision issues and be used in the library.

Oregon City Police Department will use funds for their Summer Camps Program. The camp is for 30 to 36 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders and meets at Gaffney Lane Elementary School for a week.

Funds will also help fill the gaps in social services funds for the homeless community.

The Pioneer Center provides home-delivered meals to homebound seniors in Oregon City, West Linn, Beavercreek and Redland areas. The money from the Oregon City Woman's Club will sustain Meals on Wheels program.

See more information about fund distribution and Oregon City Women's Group.