901 5th Street

NELSON W. BOWLAND HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1921, Nelson W. Bowland purchased this property and is credited with the construction of the residence. Bowland, a teacher and principal at the local Eastman School, transferred ownership to A.M. and Leona Guttberg in 1928. Mr. Guttberg was a fireman who resided in the house with his wife and three daughters, Mildred, Leota, and Genevieve. In 1946, the property was purchased by Eric and Mildred Hoffman, who do not appear to have lived in the house. Five years later, the couple deeded to John O. Dougherty, of the Crown Zellerbach Corporation, and his wife Lena. Following her husband's death in the early 1960s, Mrs. Dougherty continued to own and occupy the house until c.1985.

This 1 1/2 story house sits under a front gable roof with a large shed dormer on the east side of the house. A second, smaller gable projects out from the south side of the house at the west end of the house to cover the entry porch. This gable is supported by a pair of large tapered square columns set on wood piers. This gable, like the main gable and shed dormer, features open eaves and knee brackets that penetrate the wide barge boards. The porch piers, like the rest of the house, are clad with narrow beveled lap siding. The main body of the house features corner boards, as does the shed dormer. A large deck is present on the south side to the east of the entry porch, skirted with the same lap siding and enclosed by a wood slat balustrade. A deck has been recently added to the east side of the house, approached by a wheelchair ramp on the south side. The windows in the house are all double hung with divided upper sashes and have wide board trim with small hood moldings and narrow sills. A garage is attached to the house on the west side and matches the main house in both character and materials.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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