917 5th Street

This one-story house sits under a side gable roof with a second gable projecting out from the south side of the house to cover the front porch. The gables feature boxed eaves and narrow rake boards. The porch gable is supported by a pair of tapered square columns set on a solid balustrade that encircles the porch. The porch balustrade, like the rest of the house, is clad with narrow beveled lap siding. The house rests on a poured concrete foundation, and all of the windows are 1/1 wood double-hung sashes. The windows typically feature wide board trim on three sides with narrow sills and small apron moldings. The house retains an excellent level of integrity and is a symmetrical composition.

This property is located within the McLoughlin Conservation District but is not a locally designated historic site. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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