410 High Street

ALFRED W. MEYER HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: This property has the same history as 408 High Street, with ownership changing from Fuchs in 1910 to Burley and then Burley to CJ Stafford in 1911, the year it is believed the house was built.  C.J. Stafford then sold the house back to Mary Burley the same year. Though commonly known as the Alfred W. Meyer Residence, no biographical information was found on the Meyer and no Meyer is listed on city deeds or directories connected with this address. Noland and Lucille Fanning bought the house in 1946 and sold a year later to Margaretha Von Borstell. Von Borstel sold to Kenneth and Gladys Woodward in 1951. However, Ralph and Eleanor Eggen resided in the house in the 1950s. Ralph was an employee of the paper company and Eleanor was a lab technician. Subsequent owners were Owen and Marion Marine in 1966 and Alice Evans in 1970. Mrs. Flora Rindfleck (a.k.a. Rindflech) lived in the house from 1962-1967.

This two-story house sits under a hip roof with a hipped dormer on the west side of the house. A full width porch runs across the west side as well under a hip roof. This porch has been enclosed with large, fixed windows, but retains its original frieze. The porch hip eaves are enclosed, but the main hip features exposed rafter tails. The house is clad with horizontal lap siding, finished with corner boards. The windows are a mixture of 1/1 double-hung wood sash and large fixed sashes with aluminum or wood frames. The windows have minimal trim where they have been replaced, but the original windows retain their wide board surrounds. On the west side the second-floor windows have seen the addition of decorative shutters. On the east side of the house a shed roof addition has been made at the first-floor level, clad with plywood and featuring minimal eaves. A wood deck is placed on top of this addition, serving the second floor. The only other projection from the house is a cantilevered rectangular bay at the first-floor level on the south side, set under a bellcast hip roof. An interior brick chimney is centrally located in the house.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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