509 3rd Street

HELEN MONTOUR RENTAL -- Statement of Significance: In 1904, Helen M. Montour purchased two lots in this block and proceeded to construct this residence, which was one of several rental houses she owned. Montour, who was born in 1848, operated a boarding house in 1910. Following her death in 1914, it appears that her heirs continued to lease this property. Tenants through the 1960s included J.W. Davenport, a papermaker for Crown Willamette Paper Company, and his wife, Myrtle; Nadine King, an employee at Oregon City WMLS; Oral King, who worked at Rawlins Saw Mill and his wife, Muriel; retiree Mollie J. Renner; and student, Helen J. Johnson.

This large house sits under a front gable roof, with a small dormer on the east side. This dormer is clad with plywood and features a domed skylight for a roof. The main gable features enclosed eaves with rake and frieze boards and moldings. The house is primarily clad with asbestos ceramic shingles, but the gable ends are clad with hexagonal imbrication. A porch is recessed at the southeast corner, where the upper floor is supported by two turned columns. A plain balustrade runs between the columns. The windows in the house have all been replaced, probably about 1940. They are now primarily 2/2 double-hung wood sash with horizontally oriented panes, but a single eight-pane fixed sash is present on the west end of the south façade. This window also has horizontally oriented panes. The windows are typically surrounded by narrow trim molding that was likely installed when the windows were replaced. A one story shed roof addition was also made to the house about this time on the north side of the house.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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