1113 6th Street

This 1-1/2 story house sits under a cross gable roof with an extension of the south gable over the recessed entry porch at the southwest corner of the house. The gables feature enclosed eaves with wide frieze and rake boards, with the exception of the south gable end that features wood shingles above the eave line. This gable end also features decorative spindle work above the second floor window. The house is primarily clad with horizontal lap siding and drop siding finished with cornerboards, but the first floor level of the south gable is clad with vertical tongue and groove siding. A small spindle work belt course separates this siding from the lap siding above. The windows are primarily 1/1 double-hung wood sash, but the south end windows have been replaced with aluminum sliding sashes. The windows typically feature board trim, some with projecting hood moldings. The replacement windows have no exterior trim.

This property is located within the McLoughlin Conservation District but is not a locally designated historic site. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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