805 Madison Street

THOMAS AND MARY WARNER HOUSE 2 -- Statement of Significance: In approximately 1915, Thomas and Mary Warner hired architect Thomas Cooke, who had designed their residence at 801 Madison Street in 1901, to design a house for this lot. M. Warner was a well-known chief paper inspector for Crown-Willamette Paper Company. The couple continued to reside at the property until it was sold by the Thomas Warner Trust in 1942. The new owners, Daniel and Bertha Muno, were the proprietors the Muno & Son Bakery at 616 Main Street. The couple continued to own and occupy the house until 1967.

The bungalow house sits slightly raised off the street under a gabled roof with the gable end facing the street. Craftsman style brackets and a wide fascia board accentuate the gable end. Wood shingles cover the wall beneath the gable, but the siding switches to round edge drop siding once on the lower part of the wall. A smaller gable on the north (right) side of the front elevation covers the front entry porch. Again, a fascia and brackets decorate this gable. Square, slightly tapered columns hold up the porch roof. Concrete steps with a metal railing lead up to the porch. Windows are generally 1/1 wood double-hung with a larger window on the front elevation. A carport is formed by a roof attached to the north side of the house and extending north over the driveway. A chimney is on the south side. There is a notched bargeboard, and square bay windows protrude from the front and north sides.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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