1314 Madison Street

REBECCA WHITE HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1913, this property was purchased by Rebecca White, who is responsible for constructing the residence. In 1919, the house was sold to Julia Barry, who does not appear to have occupied it during her 23-year tenure. It was purchased in 1942 by Robert and Katherine Giles. Mr. Giles was a Crown-Willamette Paper Co employee and the couple had two children, James and Eileen. Mary Cordelia Powers purchased the property in 1946 and then sold it in 1957 to William and Dorothy Tobias, who used it as a rental. In 1958, it was occupied by William Tracy, a carpenter, his wife Margaret and their three children. A handful of other people lived there throughout the 1960s.

This one-story bungalow sits atop a slightly sloping hillside under a simple gable with the gable end facing the street. Craftsman style brackets and rafter tails detail the overhanging eaves. Wooden steps (not original) lead up to a small front porch under a small gable, also facing the street. Similar craftsman details on the eave matches the main house. This entry porch may be an add on as the awkward junction of porch and window hood may indicate. Three posts on each side and a small, detailed truss hold up the porch roof. Siding is a double round edge drop siding, and windows are 1/1 wood double-hung. The house sits on a concrete foundation capped by a water table.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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