Construction Work Hours

All work in the existing right-of-way and work on improvements to be dedicated to the City (i.e. roads, sewers, watermains, stormwater management areas) shall only occur during the following hours unless a request has been made and then approved by the Right-of-Way and Construction Manager or their designee:

  • Monday through Friday
    7 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday
    9 am to 6 pm
  • Sundays and all City Holidays

The purpose of these construction hours are related to staff availability for inspections and potential impact on the traveling public. These hours are not related to noise. Noise is regulated by Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) 9.12.023. The City Engineer or his/her designee may adjust the hours as directed in the private development's pre-construction meeting.

The construction hour limitations are for site development and capital projects only. The work hours do not apply to private construction, i.e., someone building their own home or remodeling.

Any noise concerns relating to site development (as described previously) or capital projects shall be directed to the City of Oregon City Public Works at 971-204-4601.

If a project requires night work, and it is within 300 feet of a residentially zoned property, approval must be sought from the City Commission by making a request through the Public Works Department. Use the application found at the bottom of this page. Night work that is not near residentially zoned properties also requires approval, but only at a staff level. See the policy at the bottom of this page.


  • Private construction follows Oregon City Municipal Code, Section 9.12.023
  • Noise concerns regarding private construction and/or remodeling should be directed to Code Enforcement at 503-905-3665
  • City holidays are those days which the City recognizes and observes where City buildings are not open to the public

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