1110 Washington Street

EUGENE AND MARY LA FOREST HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: Mary LaForest purchased several lots from James and E.E. Robb in 1860. Her husband, Eugene LaForest was an Oregon City merchant who operated a "French Store" on Main Street. Mary was German. They were friends of Dr. John McLoughlin, who attended their wedding, and the house is reputed to have provided refuge for settlers whose houses were demolished during the Oregon City flood of 1862. Mary sold lot 7 with the house to Mrs. Pearle Stevens in 1914. Mrs. Stevens sold the property that same year to Stella Robinson. In 1920, the widow Robinson sold the house to Emily Hood. In 1923, Ms. Hood sold it to A.J. Bockhold, who that same year sold the property to Alice Mulvey. Alice and her husband sold the house in 1924 to Maud Anderson. Maud retained the property for over 20 years. She sold it to B.J. and Marion Lindemann in 1947. Marion's husband, Bernard, worked at the Ben Franklin Store. The house appears to have been a rental starting in the late 1950's. In 1958, Cal and Juley Teuscher occupy the house. Cal was employed by Undemans Model Dime. In 1962, Arthur Mueller was a resident. In 1967, Eunice Christensen, a secretary for the YMCA, lived there.

This house sits under a side gable roof, with gabled dormers on the west side. Two gables run parallel to each other north-south, and a shed roofed lean-to addition runs the full length of the east side. A gable projects out from the center of the west façade to cover the main entry to the house, which is now a small apartment building. The entry gable is supported by slender turned columns. All of the eaves are enclosed with wide rake and frieze boards. A shed roofed porch has been added to the north side of the house, and a stairway to the second floor is present on the south side. The house is clad with beveled lap siding, finished with corner boards. The windows are a mixture of 6/1 double-hung and twelve or six pane casement sashes. The house was heavily altered about 1920 and retains little of its original form. The north porch and south stair were added more recently, and the interior is likely heavily altered as well.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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