226 Monroe Street


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MARY TROUTMAN HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: Mary Troutman is believed to be the original owner of this house. Troutman purchased the property in 1890 and sold to Arthur Deute in 1902. Arthur's widow Amanda sold the house to M.F. and Annie Chase in 1916. Ownership changed to John Rusk Jr. (1918) to J.E. Criets (1923) to J.W. and Jessie Bennett (1924) to T.C. Howell (1931) to Cecil and Silvia Oristol (1943) to Eric and Mildred Hoffman (1943). It isn't until 1944 that there is evidence of owner occupancy when Clarence and Nella Trout bought and inhabited the house. He worked for Willamette Boat Works. The Trouts sold to Earl and Lola Nelson in 1953 and the Nelsons sold to the James and Alice Mathews in 1962 who lived in the house.

This c.1890 vernacular residence has a steep gabled roofline with rake boards below the eaves. A shed roof is present over the front porch and side south side addition. The house is sited on a hill above street level, and therefore the garage is located under the main portion of the house. The garage still retains original hinge doors. The primary window type is a 7/1 fixed picture window at the front façade, which seems to be a c.1920s replacement. Several other window types exist, such as 1/1 wood double-hung and 3/3 sliding windows at the shed addition and front elevation. Original molding exists above the windows in multiple locations. The exterior cladding is channel rustic on all elevations except at the south addition, which has V-notch siding with a vertical board skirt around the foundation. The entry stair has been recently re-constructed with a plywood skirting. A rock retaining wall is present at the front elevation.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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