815 Monroe Street

JOSEPH AND BERTHA KUERTEN HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: Joseph Kuerten was a supervisor in the woolen mills who bought this property in 1895 and is credited with the construction of the house. In 1920, Bertha Kuerten, Joseph's widow, sold the property to T.H. Kloer, which was transferred by his estate in 1928. The owner, Frances C. Hofner, later married Charles Walstrom, an employee of Crown Willamette Paper Company. The Walstroms held the property and resided there with their children until 1976.

This c.1895 Queen Anne style house has a rectangular plan and a multi-gabled roofline, typical of the Queen Anne style. There are elements of the Eastlake and Stick styles, which include stick-work in the center roof gable and differences in the exterior paneling. A square bay window flanks the front porch with original 1/1 wood double-hung window. Decorative "dentil" details are present below the shed roof of the porch, located at the front elevation. Decorative gingerbread is present in top gable peak Decorative brackets exist on the front elevation above a small porch, which is supported by wood posts and widely spaced spindles on the porch railing. The typical window style is a 1/1 wood double-hung window with modern fixed aluminum storm windows attached. Alterations include a grooved plywood skirt affixed to the foundation and a rear bay addition. The rake board is missing from the north elevation. Original front door and porch rail replaced.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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